About us

AA Business Management Solutions Ltd “the Company” is incorporated as a private limited company in the United Kingdom, registered at 104A, Wilmington Gardens, Barking, Essex, IG11 9TU. The core business activities of the company are Market Research, Business Management Consultancy, Business Management Services the services (Ancillary Services) to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the United Kingdom and outside the country with the core objective to help, develop and enhance their market footprint. The company aims to provide competitive Business Analysis and Market Research, Strategic Analysis, Development of Business Model, Review and Monitoring of businesses, Organising Workshops, Seminars and Coaching & Consoling both in business and personal for their valued clients as well as providing comprehensive management services in the UK and abroad.

Our Services

Business Coaching

AA Business Management Solutions is a well-recognized company, providing quality services, in the field of business coaching.

Coaching for Public Speaking

AA Business Management Solutions provides Business coaching and motivational public speaking on large scale to educate people.

Recruitment of Members

AA Business Solution proudly provides recruitment services for different organizations. We interview students and

Ownership and Key Personal

The company is owned by Mr. Naeem Akhtar. Mr Naeem Akhtar has got wide range of skills, Education, and experience in the relevant field i.e

    • Master of Business Administration
    • Certification in Mega Branding & Public Speaking.
    • Certification in “Unleash the Power within”.
    • Personal development workshops and online courses.
    • Achieved prestigious rank TC (Team Co-ordinator) in Multinational marketing Company (ACN).
    • Certification in Millionaire Mind Intensive (M.M.I).

He has got the experience in providing Business Management services and will play a key role in the developing strategic planning, devising business research methods and business analysis. Mr Naeem Akhtar has also got experience in Marketing & Management from Pakistan. He utilises his skills & experience for the growth and success of the business and personalise for clients.